The College of Medicine and Health Sciences launches its Itorero and community work activities

Published on:2015-02-23 10:37:17

The Itorero “Imparanirabuzima” of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences was inaugurated and immediately kicked their community work services. Apart from instilling among students values of (...)

Celebrating a Highly Successful Young Graduates Fellowship Program

Published on:2014-04-10 10:26:19

In March 2014, alumni fellows and supervisors and supporters of the Rwanda HIV/AIDS Public Interest Fellowship Program (RHPIFP) gathered at the University of Rwanda – School of Public Health to (...)

School of Public Health opens new lab for aspiring scholars agendas

Published on:2013-09-11 15:24:28

The School of Public Health at the National University of Rwanda (NURSPH) launched its latest laboratory on Friday for students in PhD and Masters of Philosophy (MPHIL) programmes. The (...)